Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

What is STAPOOL?

STAPOOL INVEST is a high-innovative online platform designed specifically to provide wide and direct access to modern high-yield digital investment instruments through Staking and Pool trading Our company aims to provide clients with unique investment opportunities and help them achieve financial success. We base our approach on advanced technologies and deep market knowledge to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in our services.

What do I need to do to start a partnership with Stapool?

To start a partnership, it is necessary to take a few simple steps. First, create an account by clicking the "Sign Up/Register" button, which is located on the website of the Stapool Investments service. Further, fill in the required fields with reliable information, confirm your agreement with the original Agreement by checking the corresponding box and then complete the registration by verifying your email address provided

How can I become an investor in Stapool Invest?

To acquire the status of an investor, you need to create one active deposit in any cryptocurrency

Can I create multiple accounts on the same computer?

Registration of multiple accounts is allowed, subject to the presence of an individual IP address on each account. Otherwise, you need to contact the administration to clarify the information.

Can I create multiple accounts from the same IP address, but from different computers?

Creating multiple accounts from one computer is forbidden. An exception is the creation of accounts for each member of the family which is accompanied by a request for technical support with an appropriate note. Accounts will be created without using the affiliate chain

I registered but forgot my password. What can I do?

To restore the password, you must use the appropriate form of recovery "Forgot your password?", which is located on the authorization form page on the Stapool Investments website.

I have problems with registration. What shall I do?

Problems of a technical nature are solved in one way or another when contacting the technical support of Stapool Investments service using any convenient method for the user.

What payment systems can I use to open a deposit?

Stapool Investments works with Tether TRC-20 (USDT).

In what currency is the deposit opened?

There are 3 different cryptocurrencies for your choice, for now, Investor can replenish the balance using any available cryptocurrencies.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit?

Tether: 20 - 50000 USDT.TRC20

How is the profit accrued?

Mini-Compound: You will receive 1.2% daily for 3 Calendar days Bet-Compound: You will receive 1.5% daily for 5 Calendar days Sta-Compound: You will receive 1.8% daily for 10 Calendar days Vet-Compound: You will receive 2.2% daily for 15 Calendar days Exp-Compound: You will receive 2.5% daily for 20 Calendar days Dia-Compound: You will receive 3% daily for 25 Calendar days

How long after the deposit is created, will the first profit get?

You get first profit when 24 hours end after opening a deposit

How many deposits can I have on one account?

Each investor has the right to create an unlimited number of deposits.

Where can I see the amount earned?

You find this amount of all earned cryptocurrency is also displayed in your dashboard

How long take process a withdrawal request?

Request is processed manually. The delay is no more than 12 hours. Please wait your payment and contact support only after this time.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawing the earned funds?

Tether: 10 USDT.TRC20

What cryptocurrencies are available for withdrawal?

Tether TRC-20 (USDT).

Does Stapool Investments have a fee for withdrawing funds from an account?

Our service has no fee for the withdrawal of funds.

Can I withdraw my deposit?

Deposit withdrawal is available

What do you need to do to receive a partner reward?

It is necessary to use a specialized link, which is located in the personal account of each investor. By inviting a partner who will register and create a deposit using your link, you will start earning a partner income. You can also place advertising banners of the company, which are available in your account.

How do I know the total profit from referrals I have?

You need to log in to your "Account" and go to the "Transactions" page. You will also receive daily emails about your rewards and earnings

How to promote my referral link?

The combination of effective online advertising using all available promotional materials can bring you visible results in the shortest time. Use your website, and social page (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram) to inform your friends about us. The best advertising is always a "word of mouth" tactic, which means your direct honest review, tells your friends and colleagues about Stapool's capabilities.

Is there a limit on the amount of partner bonus?

No, the more your partners invest, the more you can earn.

My personal data protected?

Your personal data are protected at the highest level and stored in a safe place. First of all, all confidential data is stored in an encrypted format. The information is SSL transmitted. In addition to the fact that our site has been tested for weaknesses and threats from users, the entire hosting is securely protected from DDoS attacks. Lawyers and cryptographers also took care that the content of the information was not available on a legal request, so information about your income and finances is protected.

Project protected from DDoS attacks?

Sure, we use the highest level of DDoS protection in business with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

I became a victim of fraud, what should I do?

If you find that your account has been hacked, immediately notify Stapool Support on telegram. Please change your password as soon as possible. Also, make sure you activate your 2Fa for more security

I found a vulnerability (a technical error) in the Stapool website.

Your help in improving the maintenance of our platforms is very much appreciated. We encourage such actions. Your time spent searching, as well as your honesty, can be rewarded. Please contact our support team and give a full explanation and description of the error.

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